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Join our partner and friend, Geraldine Jimenez for a 2 part workshop to learn how to naturally dye and weave a decorative wall hanging from Medellín, Colombia.


Known in Spanish as a tertulia, this workshop is intended to create a space for community and connection through the healing powers of alchemy and nature. Geraldine is a multi talented maker, and entrepreneur in Medellin, known for her work in sustainable fashion, design and alchemy. Full of joy, knowledge, and a whole lot of spunk, we so enjoy being in Geraldine's company and know you will too.


She will be sending you a beautiful package with all of the ingredients, and tools needed to create your wall hanging. You'll also have the option to choose which plants and colors you'd like to use! Geraldine partnered with another female business owner in Medellin who hand carved all of the wooden tools you will use to weave your tapestry. By investing in this workshop, you are supporting small women owned businesses in Medellin. We are so thrilled to invite you into this special international experience from the comfort of your home.



Sunday's,  November  1st &  8th

11 am - 1 pm EST 


We will have two tertulias or classes via Zoom:

November 1st: Learn how to make natural dyes alchemy on cotton and wool.

November 8th: Learn how to weave a hanging wall tapestry

Classes will be recorded to watch post workshop times.



  • Introduction to natural dyeing

  • Preparing the yarns; Scouring and Mordanting

  • Learn how to create a Dye bath

  • Ph modifiers and color changing

  • Warping the frame loom

  • Weaving basics, weaving techniques.

  • Finishing the tapestry.

  • Care instructions

  • Digital memories. A support group on facebook or Whatsapp, so Geraldine can guide you and support you with your process.


  • Natural yarns. Cotton and wool.

  • Warping thread

  • Natural dye stuff. You can choose your palette.

  • Mordants and ph modifiers.

  • Weaving frame loom

  • Needle and shuttle

  • Weaving comb

  • Wood stick

  • Guide stick


  • 2 cooking pots. Medium size. Preferably stainless steel.

  • 1 big wooden spoon or stainless steel

  • 1 colander

  • 1 t-shirt or piece of cloth you don't use, or coffee filters.

  • Scale and measuring spoons.

  • Calculator

  • Plastic or glass containers.

  • 1 candle and lighter.

  • Lots of love and patience

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