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Our aim is to offer a unique travel experience for women where they meet new people, try new things and get to deepen their appreciation for culture, nature and beyond. Our Peru trip takes us to a country that is still rooted in ancient tradition, that through technology and westernization, has also become a destination for innovation, entrepreneurship and has become a culinary mecca. We wanted to highlight the women that make this country go round, and have partnered up with creatives, designers, chefs and leaders in the tourism industry to create one of a kind experiences for each of you. Feel like you have taken a  step back in time, be in awe at the natural landscape of mountains upon mountains, and continue to scratch your head at how the Ancient Incan's were able to build Machu Picchu, on top of so many other complex systems, over 600 years ago. Have the opportunity to support indigenous women of the Andes by working with a local NGO that is empowering women to share their weaving traditions with the world. We've been strategic about planning for elevation which is why we'll end our last three nights in Cusco. Explore the bohemian neighborhoods, wander through the many side streets, walk the steps all the way to the top of the city for incredible views and hidden surprises along the way. We'll connect you with our local friends who will take you on experiences you just can't get anywhere else, with anyone else.
This trip is for women who want to check visiting Machu Picchu off their bucket list and then realize Peru has so much more to experience and enjoy. This is also for women who want to do it all and see it all, but not alone. If you think of yourself as adventurous, curious about other cultures, open to trying new cuisine, appreciate beautiful aesthetics, get hyped off of history, archeology, and want to support other women, then welcome! During our trips we always dine together for breakfast and dinner, and will always offer you our recommendations for lunch spots if it isn't included in one of our daily outings. Each day is designed to feel well rounded and dimensional, and a perfect balance between activity and relaxation.
We'll always schedule in some free time in case you're the more independent type and want to wander the city on your own. Your trip leader will offer optional morning yoga sessions during this trip so that you can move your body and reflect before we start the day, but you might enjoy sleeping in, either way, you have the option! If you like hanging out with like minded women, whether you're wanderlusting with your travel bestie or going solo, you'll have a built in community for the week.
Dani Reidy will guide you on your Peruvian experience. After researching and traveling to Peru, she has developed relationships some incredible people around the Sacred Valley and Cusco who you'll get to hang with through out the course of the trip. After leading several trips to Peru, she has vetted the best possible itinerary, with all amazing local business owners.
Anna Meyer, will be your photographer. A highly talented professional who works in D.C. and our favorite addition to the trip. Anna inspires our guests to feel empowered getting their photos taken, and you'll leave the week with hundreds of photos to remember Peru. Having a photographer on our trip is important to us, not just for the amazing photos you'll get, but for the opportunity it provides to be present and take in your travel experience with one less distraction.
In Ollantaytambo, we'll stay at one of our favorite women owned boutique hotels we've ever been to. It has the perfect amount of rust, charm, and sophistication. The owner is an artist born in Seattle that found Peru decades ago as her creative sanctuary. Now her and her Peruvian husband and kids operate a few of our favorite hospitality business in both the Sacred Valley and Cusco. We love the attention to detail, the simple conrete and wooden floors, white linens and decorative textiles that ornament each room, uniqely. Modern touches like a grow wall in one of the rooms, steel framed glass doors, and windows that were designed according to where the mountain peaks sit in view of your bed, are some of our favorite features. This old railroad station turned boutique hotel now sits directly in front of the train that leads us to Machu Picchu on one of our day trips. Inside of the garden courtyard sits in a oasis that makes you feel worlds away from anyone or anything. Walk just beyond the hotel walls and find the hotel farm, the only day school for children in town, a whisky distillery, coffee roaster and magical animals that you'll get to meet during your stay. 
Our Cusco residence is the sister hotel to where we stay in the Sacred Valley. Perched on the hillside overlooking the valley of the city, this will be the ideal home base for accessing the city center and all of our favorite neighborhoods. 
Upon registration of the trip, you'll receive all the details of your accommodations, but trust us when we say, it's awesome. 
There are single and double rooms available. Single, meaning, there is one queen bed available, and double, meaning two single beds are available in the room. There is also an option for a triple room, meaning there are three single beds available in one room. You do not need to room with someone you know, we will be happy to pair you with another traveler.
The total cost of the Peru trip is $2899, for triple occupancy (shared room with two other guests), $2999 for double occupancy (shared room with one other guest), and $3599 for single occupancy (rooming solo). A non refundable 30% deposit is required to confirm your registration for the trip. All additional payments must be made within 90 days of the trip departure. Payment plans are available. Please read through our booking terms carefully before making your investment. Price is listed per person.
  • 4 nights in our women  owned boutique hotel in the Sacred Valley
  • 3 nights accommodation in a boutique hotel in Cusco (sister hotels)
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Lunch during certain excursions
    • including lunch at Michelin Star restaurant in the Sacred Valley​
  • Dinner each evening
    • Including dinners out at female run restaurants and a special dinner with a female chef​
  • Pachmanca - traditional farm to table lunch on the farm in Ollantaytambo after a morning hike of the ancient ruins in town. During our lunch, receive a tour of the hotel property where you'll learn about their distillery, coffee roaster and more.
  • Machu Picchu guided day tour with local female guides. We're partnering with a local organization that empowers women in tourism. Option to hike Montana Macchu Pichu, a 2.5 hour long hike up a natural/manmade staircase to witness views of the ancient ruins.
  • Day tour en route to Cusco where we'll stop at Maras, a famous natural salt mine established in the SV
  • Guided day tour of Cusco to shop at women owned boutiques, with our friend Sonja
  • Special farewell dinner at our favorite restaurant 
  • All transportation 
  • Arrow Retreats tote bag + gifts designed/created by locals
  • 7 optional yoga classes 
  • Access to all photography by Anna Meyer
  • Taxes + fees
  • Air fare
  • Travel Insurance - highly recommended
  • Alcohol unless noted
  • Lunches unless noted in itinerary
  • Tips
  • Awamaki NGO day trip to work with local female artisans
  • Farmers Market tour and cooking class overlooking the city 
  • Optional Excursions we recommend like horseback riding near the Moon Temple above the city
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