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Our plan for you in 





Arrive in Cusco around 2 pm

Welcome to Peru! You've just arrived in Cusco and your driver will be waiting to take you on the 2 hour drive to the Sacred Valley. Arrive in Ollantaytambo where you'll be received with open arms by our team and be led to your room for the next 4 nights. You can wander through the farm gate where you'll find the magic of. our property. A children's school, farm animals, a distillery, coffee roaster and farm are surrounded by the foothills of the Andes mountains. Take a deep breath. You've arrived.


Feel free to take the foot path from our hotel into town where you can awaken to your senses through the kaleidoscope of colors, smells and sights. 

Dinner will be served in the hotel garden this evening.



Take a journey into the heart of a Quechua community through our impactful and intimate community visit to learn more about the Pre-Incan weaving tradition and Andean indigenous culture. The trip begins with a beautiful drive, ascending nearly 1,000m, to the upper Andean community of Patacancha or Huilloc. Upon arrival we will visit the cooperative's weaving center to learn about weaving and its significance in Andean culture. The trip includes a demonstration of the entire process, beginning with how alpaca or sheep wool is hand spun into yarn, how local plants are used as natural dyes, and finally how the yarn is woven into the final product. After the demonstration, you will have the chance to try weaving yourself!




Optional morning yoga out in the pagoda on the farm. We'll enjoy a warm breakfast before exploring the town. Let's take a hike up to the see the ruins, explore the local markets and be leisurely about our way back to the farm for lunch. 

Experience a traditional pachamanca lunch, where you'll see how heated stones dug underneath the ground cook our meal of potatoes, vegetables and meat to perfection. While things are cooking we'll roam the grounds to see the distillery, coffee roaster and relax with a glass of Chilean wine in hand.




Machu Picchu! We'll head out super early leaving from the train that is within ten steps of our hotel; easy peasy! Take the stunning ride through the sacred valley to Aguas Calientes, a 2 hour journey in a comfortable upscale train. Upon arrival we'll drive up the steep hitch backs by bus to get to the infamous ancient site, Machu Picchu. We will then hike Montaña Machu Picchu, one of two hiking trails near the ancient ruins, in order to get an incredible view of the site below. This is a fun and challenging adventure for all, and definitely worth the effort! Afterwards, we'll enjoy a picnic lunch before taking an actual tour of Machu Picchu's majestic architecture, and wonder at the mysterious nature of its creation.2 hours back home, and you'll enjoy dinner in at our boutique hotel this night.




Today we drive to Cusco! After breakfast, pack up your things and we'll have a driver taking us through the Sacred Valley where we'll make a pit stop at Las Maras- a famous natural spring salt mine where you can witness the miraculous ability of nature, and purchase your own salt to bring home with you. 

We'll eat lunch at Michelin chefs restaurant that sits in the heart of the Sacred Valley. This will be a true gastronomy experience. 

Upon arrival to our hotel in Cusco, we'll cozy up in our new rooms, enjoy the views of the city from the from the shared balcony before walking into the city for dinner at a woman run restaurant.



Have some free time in the morning before we head up to the Sun Temple, which sits at the top of Cusco. We'll make the trek up 10,000 steps (feels like it) to take in the views of a sea of terra cotta roofs nestled within a coliseum of mountains surrounding the historic city.  We'll enjoy a picnic lunch on the top of the mountain, relishing in the beauty of our morning accomplishments. Afterwards you can either come back to the hotel for a bit or enjoy the horseback riding locals may offer you nearby the temple. 

The second half of our day will be spent on a cooking tour. We will visit the famous San Mercado market, that is still a community gathering point for locals. Afterwards we'll take our findings from the market and cook up some traditional Peruvian cuisine, including the infamous Pisco sour!




Wake up to the smell of fireplaces warming homes across the city ready to participate in a day of exploration. 

We'll walk to San Blas, the "boho" neighborhood away from all of the major tourism to meet with local business owners. You'll have to stop at one of the many coffee shops to have the best cup of joe around. Lunch will be at the San Pedro open air market, (think like a Peruvian version of a food hall) where we 'd love for you to try our favorite falafel wraps from the local chefs!


Later, we'll meet with our friend Sonya, to learn about her ventures in Peru and end the evening in an intimate, and beautiful gathering. We'll share local wines and a delicious meal in her small cafe/shop with other local entrepreneurs. 

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