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Join us in the cultural mecca of Oaxaca City, Mexico for 4 nights and 5 days. Oaxaca holds a unique blend of traditional and modern influences, with crumbling colonial architecture alongside art, cuisine, and archeological ruins that pay homage to the city’s pre-Hispanic past. 
Although there is much to do and see in the areas within and around the city, we have curated the most intentionally designed itinerary so that you can feel like you did it all within just a few short days. This trip is designed for women who enjoy culture, art, architecture, who may or mat not label themselves as 'foodies' and can get down with a little mezcal.
We have a blend of urban activities like exploring the city with a friend, shopping, dining at some of our favorite restaurants, and adventuring into the small towns that neighbor Oaxaca. We'll spend a whole day out of the city hiking, visiting a locals home for one of our favorite meals of the trip, learn the textile weaving process that has been passed down through generations, and spend time on a Mezcal distillery to learn the ancient art of creating the 'elíxir de los dioses' (the nectar of the Gods).
We have collaborated with local partners to bring you a unique balance of private dining, a special indigo dyeing workshop wehere you'll leave with a one of a kind kimono, and an all around local experience that you couldn't find anywhere else.

Length | Cost

7 nights/ 8 days  $-

Available Trip Dates


October 2022

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