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  • How is Here Travel different?
    When we travel, we create an environment where travelers feel like guests and friends, rather than tourists. We connect with locals to learn and appreciate our differences, while acknowledging subtle ways we are interconnected. We honor and support the many partners who impact their communities, and share their stories. From natural dying workshops, and fashion studios, to sharing meals with exciting restauranteurs, and visiting small boutique hotels, we'll have every detail organized thoughtfully with locals in mind. NATURE ​ When selecting a destination, we embrace the landscape in our itineraries. Mountains? Let's hike. City? Let's find the side streets. Ocean? Swim, surf, catamaran, of course. Movement oriented activities allow our guests to fully participate in and appreciate the local geography. CULTURE + ARTS ​ We work with fashion designers who value sustainability, makers who positively impact their communities, and artisans who celebrate ancient traditions. Guests will have intimate experiences with amazing people who are preserving culture and pioneering local commerce. FOOD + AGRICULTURE ​ Sharing of meals is the most ancient form of bonding. Food is the common bond that connects us all. Food and agriculture are fundamental components of the architecture of each itinerary. We work with local farmers, chefs, and sommeliers, to help us to appreciate each meal, and where it comes from. OUR COMMITMENT TO TRAVEL ​ Our commitment to travel was founded on a deep reverence for understanding human beings, past and present. Our trips are driven by three fundamental questions. How did we come to develop our social and cultural behaviors in relationship to our natural environment? How do our stories connect us? How can I be of service to our collective evolution? ​ As Travelers & Guests, We honor traditions and respect differences. We visit places and communities with curiosity, openness, and respect. We tread lightly, listen fully, and ask questions. ​ Join us to experience a new way of travel -- where you will discover what it means to be immersed in our world community while you deepen your relationship with yourself. We are Carbon Neutral! We have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 50 trees for every traveler that joins us on a Here Travel trip. Through planting these trees, we offset the carbon emmissions created by your travels.
  • Is this trip really for me?
    A Here Travel trip is for you if you enjoy, - seeing the world authentically - getting a little bit outside of your comfort zone - value your own wellness and self care practices - are curious about living a more mindful life - enjoy good company with amazing women from all over the country - desire to travel but don't really want to do all of the planning - want a digital detox (not required but definitely a plus!) - enjoy practicing yoga, or are at least curious about its benefits (we offer an optional class each morning when it fits into our schedule) - love to feel inspired and connected - want to travel solo but also want to feel safe and supported - love amazing food and exploring culture through your senses - like to get your hands dirty in creative workshops - crave being in nature and experiencing the great outdoors
  • How do I register + what are your booking terms?
    You may register for your trip by visiting one of the designated trip pages and submitting your 30% deposit. The deposit goes towards the final balance of your trip. Once submitted, you have up until 90 days before the trip start date to complete the remaining balance of your trip cost. The deposit, is non refundable, and the remaning balance is considered refundable up until 90 days before the trip start date. Within the 90 day mark of your trip, no money will be refunded. We offer installment plans for those who would benefit, yet only offer this option upon request. We also provide an Inclusivity Scholarship, where we award up to $500 per person to make travel more accessible for BIPOC as well as travelers who are descendents of the country we're visiting. We recommend travel insurance for all trips, to protect you in the case of any unforseen circumstances. Please refer to our Booking Terms to learn more before you book.
  • Can I travel solo?
    Of course. Most women who join our group trips are solo travelers. We offer single room occupancy if you enjoy having your personal space but also offer double occupancy rooms for anyone who wants to share with another solo traveler. Our group sizes range from 8-16 people which creates an intimate experience for everyone to feel included.
  • What is included?
    We included the following on all Here Travel trips: - Transportation to/from airport & all transportation during the trip - Accommodations, including your stay each night at all venues - Breakfast + Dinner everyday - Lunches on most days, when it is apart of the excursion we are on - All activities listed as "included" on each individual trip page - Gifts from Here Travel including a local find made from local designers
  • What isn't included?
    We do not include in our travel package pricing: - Some lunches, that are during your free time - Optional excursions that we have listed as "optional" on specific retreat page *All optional excursions that we do together as a group will be paid for by Arrow Retreats and money will be collected post retreat via elecontric billing. - Travelers Insurance - Flights - Alcohol
  • Can I bring my boyfriend/husband?
    We believe that something powerful happens when you bring a group of women together. To keep the dynamic female focused, we do not allow men to join us on our trips. Get ready for alll the girl vibes.
  • Why do I need to purchase insurance?
    In order to protect our travelers from any unforeseen health/safety risks on Here Travel trips, we ask that each of our guests purchases travelers health insurance. We also highly recommend purchasing Trip Insurance, which our partner, World Nomads, offers in a bundle with health insurance. We understand that traveling is a huge investment, and we want to be able to help you protect yourself in the rare case, due to forces out of Here Travel's control, or due to unforeseen circumstances on your behalf, that your investment is protected. Here Travel is able to provide refunds, minus your deposit, before the 90 days leading up to your trip departure. After 90 days, there will be no refunds given. Please consider this as you contemplate purchasing trip insurance.
  • Can you accommodate my food allergies?
    Yes! We are dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable experience at each of our meals as that is a huge part of what we love curating. Once registered, we will ask you all the deets on your food allergies/preferences to make sure your taken care of.

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