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Our plan for you in 





Arrive in Medellin around 2 pm


Settle into your hotel room and relax before we meet upstairs on the rooftop deck for some cocktails from a local female cocktail connoiseur. Meet with some of our partners that you'll get to know through out the week. We'll all toast to new friendships and amazing experiences that lie ahead.


Dinner will be around the block to experience the gastronomy of the amazonas. You may eat an ant, or two. Welcome to Medellin! 




Morning yoga followed by breakfast at our hotel.

We will depart on a journey with our friend Geral, who is a young and vibrant female entrepreneur in the city who will help us navigate the metro, experience the flower market, have lunch with us at her favorite local spot, take us on the cable car up to one of the comunas and be our best friend. She'll share stories on her favorite places and the history of the city, and be able to answer any quesitons you may have. 


After being on your feet all day, dinner is luckily one block from where we're staying. We'll dine with a plant based restaurant owner at her restaurant, Kai, to learn how she got started, what her goals are, and how we can all contribute to eating more sustainably. 


Breakfast downstairs and we'll all meet in the lobby of our hotel to depart for our coffee farm tour. Meet with the owner and one of his guides, who will share her story of how she got to Medellin and how Colombia has given her opportunities to start again. 


Get into nature as we see how coffee is grown, and have quite a caffeine buzz as we navigate back into the city to learn the next step in the process of coffee production, roasting and drinking! We will be introduced to the Colombia coffee roasting champion, and listen to her story on how she created such a name for herself in the coffee world. 


Get back to the hotel and hang out for a few hours, or explore the neighborhood, before we head to dinner again at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. 


If you're up for it, we'll go take salsa dancing lessons across the street where a local organization is empowering their community to get out and move!




Yoga in the am followed by a moment to reflect on our experience. Smoothies made by our friends up on the rooftop deck to refresh and get ready for our day.


Now you know the drill with breakfast, get on downstairs.


Around 10:45 am we'll walk a few blocks to start our personalized women's walking tour and visit three different women's boutiques that are creating a buzz in the Medellin fashion world. Visit a local jewelry designer and pick out any piece you'd like, on us! We'll walk a block up to a leather goods brand that is empowering the indengenous women of Colombia by showcasing their world on the worlds stage. You'll each receive an amazing leather bag from Tigre de Salon and meet the founder, Veronica! Walk across the street to learn more about how a young female business owner is using gemstones to craete intentional and beautiful wear, while her co owner shares how she's creating more inclusive lungerie that can be worn under or over your clothes. You'll see! 


Lastly, we'll walk 10 blocks south to Ruma, a female owned cafe that owns a coop of women owned Colombian only businesses that has a backyard space we will hang out in all the rest of the afternoon. Meet Natalia and see your girl, Geral again, for a natural dying workshop. We'll learn how to use plants to dye Natalia's sustainable clothing and you'll each be able to go home with what you dye! 

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