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Spend 4 nights and 5 days exploring the dynamic, vibrant and cool neighborhoods of Medellin. We'll hang with our local friend and female entrepreneur who will show us the rich cultural landscape that has become what Medellin is today through her own unique lens. 
Visit a local's house turned sanctuary to help inspire the arts in one of Medellin's historically violent neighborhoods  Learn how to dye clothing with plants with a sustainable fashion designer. Relax by the pool on the roof top of our hotel before dining out at a local plant based restaurant, owned by a bad ass woman, of course. Meet the female coffee roasting champion of Colombia on our coffee farm tour and get inspired by all of the stories of the women we meet.
Each morning wake up to an invigorating yoga practice led by your trip leader and get excited to feel like one of the locals on this multi dimensional, female fueled adventure.

Length | Cost

4 nights/ 5 days  $2300-2550

Available Trip Dates


September 14-18, 2022

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