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Code of Conduct 
We want to outline the responsibilities and practices that Here Travel asks each of our guests to follow when traveling with us.  We believe in being stewards of the travel industry, by cultivating ethical and intentional small group trips around the world. Our philosophy is to create experiences that cultivate connections, with the group, with the place and its people, and of course with yourself.
Small Group Feel + Itinerary
We want to show you how awesome it is to travel with a group. Sharing travel with others makes you feel supported by a community and connected to other like minded women.  With that,  this is very much a community that bands together, so please consider if this is the right trip for you before making your decision. 
Most of our itinerary is designed where we are doing things together. When you bring more people into a singular experience, it makes it more dimensional and provides insights where you might otherwise not have had as many. Most meals are shared together, and most specifically breakfast and dinner, because we see meal times as a time for gathering.  When participating in a group experience, we want you to be respectful and considerate of others guests time, feelings, energy, space, and property. On most trips we offer optional excursions as well as free time so that you can explore independently or be able to relax solo.
We work diligently to create a well rounded and well balanced itinerary for the length of your trip. If you ever feel otherwise, we want to encourage you to communicate your needs and we will always be there to support you having the most rewarding trip possible. 
As much as our trips are designed with a dedicated time schedule, your trip leader is pretty laid back and is able to roll with the often spontaneous changes travel presents. We ask that you stay open to any changes that may occur through out the course of your trip experience and be open to going with the flow. 
Our Local Partners
On Here Travel trips, we value relationships above all. We work with local partners to design intimate experiences for our guests and ask that you demonstrate kindness, compassion and generosity to the people you'll meet through out your trip experience.   Our partners around the world, are our friends, and we want you to be apart of this incredible circle of people. We work solely with local businesses and want to support the development of their localized economy. Please consider consuming consciously when shopping on your trip experience. We value thinking about ways can we leave the destination we've visited better than we found it; and believe it's by supporting what is already there and helping the people that are working to develop it. 
Cultural Differences 
It is acknowledged and understood that traveling to international destinations will expose travelers to unique situations and experiences that are different than those you are familiar with in your home country. These differences enhance the experience and adventure of your trip, and typically involve cultural and social aspects of the region such as food, drink, attire, and local laws. Here Travel and your guide or host will discuss these differences during your trip, but you also have a responsibility to perform your own research and act responsibly while traveling. We ask that you travel with a genuine desire to learn more about the people of your host country. Acquaint yourself with local customs and be aware of the feelings of other people, thus preventing what might be intrusive behavior on your part.  
Your pre trip research can be continued by asking questions while you are there. Any attempt to learn even a few words of the relevant language will make this a more rewarding experience for you while showing our hosts your respect for their culture. 
It is acknowledged that people are not apart of the landscape and may not want their picture taken. Put yourself in their perspective, ask permission first, and respect their wishes. 
Drug Use & Alcohol Consumption
Here Travel does not tolerate drug use of any kind during our trips and strongly encourages responsible alcohol consumption. This policy is in place for your safety and those traveling with you. We want you to have fun and encourage you to take advantage of the local culture, but Here Travel emphasizes safety as a top priority.
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