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travel for mindful & adventorous women

As a society we are disconnected from our surroundings and from each other. We create experiences and collaborate with local partners that invite you to honor a place, and it's people.
When you take a trip with us, you are not only investing in yourself, but you are supporting local communities around the world. 
We host 4 + 7 day international small group trips for women who value authentic and meaningful travel experiences,
We curate intentional itineraries that highlights food and agriculture, celebrates arts and fashion, & immerses you into nature. Our commitment is to create multi dimensional, and mindful travel opportunities for women to explore the world through  a true local perspective. 
A trip where you can travel  the world solo but with a group of women like you. Without compromising your sense of safety or independence, you'll get to  experience a place from a local lens. 
On every trip we partner with small businesses that are supporting the communities that have been preserving and pioneering their local traditions. Providing a photographer on each trip also allows you to be fully present.We are also carbon neutral!
We cherish the connections that are made on each of our trips and are proud to have led over 250 women to over 15 international destinations. Our local partners are our dearest friends, and we love to bring everyone together.

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